I’m Andrew. I am a business coach qualified in psychology. I mentor business owner/managers, and professionals world-wide, running established, growing companies with 6 to 50+ staff. 

You are already successful… but usually kept busy solving the typical problems associated with managing a growing business – marketing and sales, administration, operations, HR, and finance. Your focus is typically going to be on innovation, sustainability, capacity, productivity and high performance teams… and leadership issues.

You are probably too hands-on the day-to-day operation of the business… and you have recognised you need to manage differently.

You are ready to transition from an operation-focused manager, to a more strategic-focused leadership role… and you are looking for that level of professional development.

You don’t need convincing.

You may have formal management training or not, but you want to lead naturally; and have a well-run company. If that sounds like you, the let’s have a confidential chat.

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