Coaching business leaders to achieve superior, far-reaching results.

I am a business coach and I work with established SME business owners doing between £300k and £7m – the average is £2M. The typical business journey is: consolidate revenues, lock in profit, and grow the business.

Around the £500k mark it seems most of my clients need to transition from being an owner/manager/hands on operator … to a business leader.

Obviously, as the business grew, so too their staff. My SME clients typically employ between 3-20 staff.

I also do a lot of leadership coaching with CEOs, C-suiters and senior executives. The common theme here is accidental leaders.

My clients need immense clarity around strategic direction; business performance; and creating high performing teams. Clearly driving revenues is a big part of this.

But almost always my clients want to achieve lifestyle benefits. There’s no point having an amazing top and bottom-line … and no life.

In any case, the goal is to deliver benefits to their professional and personal lives … bigger and sooner.

As you’d expect, I have a range of professional profiling and coaching options on offer … but it all starts with a confidential chat. If that sounds like you then let’s connect by clicking right here 🙂



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