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My clients run established companies.

People Problems
While the business is successful the biggest frustration is: people.  They routinely complain they are kept busy mentally managing key staff and double checking decisions and activities of others.

Too hands-on
They are simply too hands-on. Even the best ones find themselves checking or doing the work of paid employees. For many its become a habit. They know its dumb, but they still do it.

Clarity and Direction
Through self-leadership coaching they gain immense clarity and are quickly freed up to focus on strategic direction, building high performing teams and high growth business performance. Coaching provides the structure and accountability to go to that next level bigger and sooner.

The usual result is you end up working less hours, you’re less hands-on and ironically you get more done. Plus you make more money and get to enjoy more of the actual intended benefits of business ownership. Importantly as the ability to manage improves, their ability to lead becomes more natural, intuitive and highly effective.

High Risk to High Growth
I originally developed this approach for  leaders with operating within a high-risk, high compliance health and safety environments where my clients had to make the right decisions under pressure. This approach transferred brilliantly to commercial environments.

Award Winning
My name is Andrew. I am an award-winning business leadership coach, qualified in business psychology. I specialise in working with business owners – usually managing directors – and their managers.

I’m the author of four #1 best selling business books and was listed in the UK Top 100 Entrepreneur Mentors, for 2017.

“This was easily one of the best paradigm shifts I have ever experienced.” Steve Hourigan MD Directors Chair.

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