Why Business Leadership Coaching?

TCE is proudly celebrating over 21 years of mentoring business leaders, worldwide.

The Vision is to be a trusted and preferred business leadership mentor delivering plain language, practical, pragmatic, world-class business leadership mentoring services for entrepreneurial leaders worldwide.

Our Mission is to deliver genuinely meaningful performance mentoring outcomes for entrepreneurs; established SMEs, corporate C-Suite executives; and new, emerging and accidental leaders.

Our core Values are impeccable stewardship, family-focused, profitable, high performance and meaningful contribution.

Our proven method of business leadership mentoring amplifies your strengths … and allows you to achieve your personal and professional goals, bigger and sooner.

No matter the size of your company, business leadership coaching will certainly give you distinctions, focus on your immediate and longer-term needs and priorities and deliver results that count.

Andrew Priestley is a multi-award-winning business leadership mentor, best-selling author and  international speaker; qualified in the applied psychology.

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