Tis the season to EMBEZZLE, fah la la la la …

I was at recent Academy of Chief Executives AGM. I have been a regular speaker with the Academy since April 2011. It was a great chance to meet with other speakers and I had a very interesting chat with a lawyer whom I can’t name who specialises in prosecuting fraud cases. We were chatting about people who embezzle … and right now there is a LOT of it going about.

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Pressure or Stress?

I was recently chatting with a client whose whole client base simply evaporated. A lot of his work came under Government funding and typical billings were £200k per quarter. Well that all disappeared in 2009.

This lead to the downsizing of a long term great business. He found a lot of things very stressful. Letting good staff go was probably the most stressful activity alongside the financial stresses that accompanied a melt down of his business. Continue reading