Pressure or Stress?

I was recently chatting with a client whose whole client base simply evaporated. A lot of his work came under Government funding and typical billings were £200k per quarter. Well that all disappeared in 2009.

This lead to the downsizing of a long term great business. He found a lot of things very stressful. Letting good staff go was probably the most stressful activity alongside the financial stresses that accompanied a melt down of his business.

To his credit he engaged a coach.  He has been under a lot of pressure in the last 12 months reinventing and reengineering his business. But not under stress.

There is a difference.

A stressed mind has a reduced perceived ability to cope (PAC). You feel a diminished sense of control to the point of anxiety, anger, frustration, overwhelm and depression.

There is a point where you are aware of the build up of stress; and then the point where you are triggered. Once triggered you are activating default parts of your brain that put you into survival mode (flight or fight).

Using brain scans we now know that under stress resources allocated to your pre-frontal cortex actually diminish at a rapid rate which is why you find it so hard to think. At this point the brain is defaulting to the emotional/memory centres of your brain that handle perceived threats.

Its important to know that there is a certain window of opportunity where you can evaluate negative thoughts …

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