Businesses that do lunch – London!

2014 AP Training

Happy New Year.

Do you want to hear the most amusing trend that is occurring worldwide? People are going back to face-to-face! Rather then email – phone. Rather than phone – meet. It seems we still are social creatures that want to connect real time and live.

In 2014, I started to trial a monthly ‘lunch and learn’ format at my local pub in Kent  – for our #kentrepreneurs! – the combo of business development and burgers! Our first one was a brilliant three hours on film on websites/social media.

The working title is Businesses That Do Lunch – a monthly lunch and learn. No joining fees, no subscriptions just a minimal per head charge for two and bit hours of some very savvy business input and networking. Such was the response that we are planning a group for central London.

The London venue is being worked out as we speak and if that’s of interest, please let me know ASAP.

How is this different to other networking clubs?

Between 2009 and 2013, I facilitated a monthly meet-up in the Bloomsbury Hotel called GSD (Get Stuff Done!) This was attended by about 60-80 business owners. Modelled on big ticket CEO boardrooms, this was an intensive afternoon of structured activity and focused networking and the attendees received a razor sharp business tutorial and left with clear action steps. Held to account, they then reported back on progress the following month.

The small group boardroom version of this was even more powerful.

The key differences was a) the high grade content and b) the cost (affordable).

Plus a LOT of business got done!

Anyway if that sounds like you – email me!


I am also very keen to hear from anyone who would love to facilitate a BTDL in your local area. Especially coaches. The content is all worked out … and road tested … and it works … so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. (Email me).

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