The Top 7 Mistakes You’ll Make Trying to Fix Your Business Without a Coach #1

Andrew Priestley is a qualified, award winning business leadership coach. He talks about seven mistakes that impact the performance of your business.

Mistake 1. Too hands-on.
By hands-on I mean on-the-tools or too involved in the day-to-day operational running of the business. Most of their day is spent fire-fighting and sorting out problems they pay others to solve, if you know what I mean.

Neil’s business turns over £29M but when we performed a time audit we safely concluded that he is easily the longest working staff member – he starts early, finishes late and works weekends – and pro rata that puts him on the lowest hourly rate!

Tip: the tip here is to start collect recurring problems in your business and pay close attention to how you get sucked into resolving these issues especially if you pay someone to handle those issues.

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