The Top 7 Mistakes You’ll Make Trying to Fix Your Business Without a Coach #3

Andrew Priestley is a qualified, award winning business leadership coach. He talks about seven mistakes that impact the performance of your business.

Mistake 3. Thinking this is just how it is and as good as it gets and nothing different will ever work – anyway.

This is such a common mistake! Its in the same category as not even knowing you have a problem or denying a problem exists or rejecting the idea that things could ever improve.

Dom has worked for an accounting firm for 13 years and he insists that the way he does things cannot be improved. Subsequently if they bring in an outside consultant, he runs interference on any attempts to resolve issues and he then says, “See I told you it wouldn’t work.”

Tip: This is actually a leadership issue because Dom is an employee and not a stakeholder and yet he has an almost vice-like grip on keeping things static.

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