The Top 7 Mistakes You’ll Make Trying to Fix Your Business Without a Coach #4

Andrew Priestley is a qualified, award winning business leadership coach. He talks about seven mistakes that impact the performance of your business.

Mistake 4. Thinking you can’t afford it.
This is a similar twist on Mistake 2. Coaching is technically an intervention. So you look at the cost of the intervention and think its too expensive and you can’t afford it.

So Harry ummed and ahhed coaching for over three years. In the same period I worked with a similar company with almost identical issues and doubled their turnover and significantnly increased their bottomline. Harry is still ‘thinking about it’.

Tip: most coaches do NOT have a plan make you cash neutral on their fees so they do seem expensive. However, a good coach will more than pay for themselves bigger and sooner and have a plan to ensure you are cash neutral on their fees.

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