The Top 7 Mistakes You’ll Make Trying to Fix Your Business Without a Coach #5

Mistake 5. Not being truthful about what’s actually happening now.
Look, you could hire Tony Robbins as your coach at say $5000USD a day but if you don’t tell him what’s actually going on – or worse withholding key information – he can’t help you. I know because I have clients who worked with Tony Robbins and said I was a better coach. The only reason I think I was better was because they finally decided to be honest and open.(And I made that prerequisite anyway.)

Sonia and Eddie went through a 90 minute discovery session and withheld important information about their status with bank loans. They then said the session was a ‘waste of time and money’. But much later it emerged that they had withheld information that was critical to my recommendations. Had I known that I would have made different advice.

Tip: You cannot fix a problem unless you are open and honest about the issues and what you feel are causing them. Denying obvious problems is in fact more expensive that engaging a coach!

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