7 Buying Mistakes if You’re Hiring a Business Coach #1

Andrew Priestley is a qualified, award winning business leadership coach. This is a special report for anyone considering the engagement of a business coach. Here are seven common buying mistakes that almost always lead to a disappointing outcome. Here’s Andrew:

Mistake #1 Doing nothing
I recently broke a tooth and the dentist said I needed root canal and crown work. He did a temporary filling that so far has lasted over 12 months. This is all fine and good but the most probable foreseeable risk here is an abscessed tooth which is a lot more expensive to resolve!

A lot of people decide that a coach would make sense … and even search online for a coach … and perhaps even contact a couple and discuss their coaching needs. And then they do nothing. Usually this is because they aren’t totally clear on why they want a coach and they aren’t clear on how a coach will make a difference.And they think if they ignore the problem it will fix itself or go away.

Harry has been chatting to me about the profitability of his business for several years. But Harry is convinced he can sort these issues himself even though he’s had recurring profit issues for several years. His questions are always about the cost and never about the value of having a coach.

Most people who take on a coach have problems they want to resolve. They are smart enough to realise that if they know how to fix the problem it would have been fixed. And they can quantify the opportunity cost of doing nothing.

Tip: A coach will make a difference, that much we know. Get clear on the problem/s you are trying to solve and why you think a coach will make a difference. If the problems aren’t resolving, you need a coach.

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