Reasons why you can’t pitch #2 No credibility

When you pitch your business concept to someone the idea might be clear, but the real issue is that you failed to clearly establish your bin fides – why someone should listen to you.

When Mike Symes pitches his branding agency to financial institutions he always mentions that he is a columnist with the Financial Times. In a few words he has established why you should listen to him.

I recently worked with a client who specialises in treating psoriasis in executive women. When I listened to her pitch and read her website and brochures NOWHERE does it say she is a registered GP … AND a qualified Chinese Medical Practitioner … OR that she trained and worked in a hospital for seven years in China!

Another client makes promotional movies for an elite clientele that reads like the who’s-who. Those client logos are displayed on their website and that is one reason the enquiries are in-bound.

Tip: It is so simple. If you have qualifications, or hold down a position with gravitas, or look after a stable of clients, or you’ve won awards, or you have some notable merit … tell me. Then pitching becomes very easy because you’re credible.

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Reasons why you can’t pitch #1 It’s not clear what you do

It’s not clear what you do

How do you answer the question, “What do you do?’

Do you know that most business people struggle to answer this question.

The inability to pitch what you do clearly is one of the key eight factors that inhibit business success. Between 2011 and 2013 over 400,000 new businesses started in the UK and over 80% of those failed. A survey of banks also showed that 54% of those businesses that applied for funding had a flawed business case … and the inability to clearly explain the business concept.

Essentially, the funding wasn’t given primarily because the loans office didn’t understand what the business did!

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