7 Buying Mistakes if You’re Hiring a Business Coach #2

Mistake #2 Trying to cut corners
Recently our house alarm system had a battery fault. I called the security company and when they said their call out fee was £150 plus VAT, I called an electrician who’s fee was £60. It’s normal to try and save money and seek a cheaper option. And look if it fixes the problem, then great. But most ‘business problems’ are not as easily resolved as replacing a flat battery.

Eddie* went through a 90-minute discovery session which clearly demonstrated the benefits a coach would bring to a chronic staff productivity/staff management situation. Eddie said,’I will think about it’ and then tried to address the situation in-house. He fired the staff member and replaced them. Three months later Eddie was back complaining that he had exactly the same problem with the new person.

Tip: Allow time to fully understand the value a coach will bring to the situation. In the above scenario, the problem isn’t the staff member. They are the symptom. Eddie is the problem. The HR issue can be fixed quickly but Eddie’s style of managing staff is the cause. That needs a coach.

*Stories used with permission. All names etc are changed to preserve the identity of the client.

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