7 Buying Mistakes if You’re Hiring a Business Coach # 3

Mistake #3 Qualified? Experience? Comfortable?
I am a good coach but I amy not be the right coach for you. Over many years I’ve realised three ducks need to line up.

1. The coach needs to be qualified. I have a psych degree with majors in behaviour modification. But a LOT of coaches are unqualified.

2. The coach needs to be experienced. (NB don’t confuse coaching with mentoring. A mentor has the specific industry experience you need.) I have a racked up over 14000 coaching hours and diverse range of experience across many sectors.(NB Most coaches have about 3000 hours).

And most of all …

3. You need to feel comfortable with the coach. This is the most important one. I might tick boxes 1 and 2 but we don’t click. I suggest you keep looking and work with someone you feel comfortable with because it will never work (as well).

Tip: Make sure the coach is qualified, experienced and you feel comfortable with them. Otherwise keep looking.

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