Reasons why you can’t pitch #2 No credibility

When you pitch your business concept to someone the idea might be clear, but the real issue is that you failed to clearly establish your bin fides – why someone should listen to you.

When Mike Symes pitches his branding agency to financial institutions he always mentions that he is a columnist with the Financial Times. In a few words he has established why you should listen to him.

I recently worked with a client who specialises in treating psoriasis in executive women. When I listened to her pitch and read her website and brochures NOWHERE does it say she is a registered GP … AND a qualified Chinese Medical Practitioner … OR that she trained and worked in a hospital for seven years in China!

Another client makes promotional movies for an elite clientele that reads like the who’s-who. Those client logos are displayed on their website and that is one reason the enquiries are in-bound.

Tip: It is so simple. If you have qualifications, or hold down a position with gravitas, or look after a stable of clients, or you’ve won awards, or you have some notable merit … tell me. Then pitching becomes very easy because you’re credible.

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