7 Buying Mistakes if You’re Hiring a Business Coach #4

Mistake #4. Not being open and honest
Sean is a bankrupt but he didn’t tell his coach he is a bankrupt. This means Sean cannot legally implement a lot of commonsense bog standard, practical business solutions – which frustrates the coach who can’t figure out why his client isn’t taking prudent action.

Sean told me his last coach was a waste of time and money – but my experience told me there was a finance issue that might look a lot like bankruptcy. Sean then said he didn’t tell his last coach about this.

Tip: The coach should be working under client privilege or a confidentiality assured framework. This means you can open up and tell the coach what is going on – exactly. Then the coach can make an informed choice about whether they can help or not or at all.

(NB there is one caveat. If you are doing something illegal – I don’t want to know and I don’t want you as a client. Illegality would be an instant knockout for me.)

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