7 Buying Mistakes if You’re Hiring a Business Coach #5

Mistake #5. Doing your coaches job for them

This is a huge mistake. Most business owners are quite savvy and used to getting their own way. So they hire a coach ... and then run the programme the way they want it run. They take over!

I chatted with the CEO of a major leasing company and within 15 minutes I suggested he wouldn’t benefit from a coach while he wanted to run the show like he does everything else. Ultimately I knew he wasn’t coachable. Often you have this unusual combination of a problem that won’t resolve but a contempt for the solution (and solution provider). That client had a major staff attrition issue that was driven by his belief that ‘you can’t get good help’ and ‘no one can do this as good as me anyway’. He became a good client but initially it was hard work.

Tip: You might be a heavy hitter with a formidable business track record but if you have issues that aren’t resolving then you need a coach. You will waste your time and the coach’s if you take over. Incidentally, that’s probably why you need a coach.

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