The Art of the Social Pitch #4 I specialise in …


In the last blog I gave you a three step format for a great social pitch that works because it is under stated and builds genuine interest quickly. The steps were:

1. Name – simply say your first name.

My name is Bryan.

2. Same – say your Yellow Pages or Google search category

I am a plumber.

3. Fame – Say what is different about you. The recommendation was to use a phrase like:

I specialise in converting hard water into soft water without chemicals.

There are in fact three variations:

1. I specialise in … In this case say what you specialise in. You expertise.

I specialise in treating hand and facial psoriasis in busy executives over 40.

2. I am known for … In this case, you’d want to be known for something good!

I am known for a solo fund raising expedition to the North Pole to raise money for child leukaemia.

3. My clients get … In this case you’d talk about results your clients typically get.

My clients typically get a 30% uplift in their bottomline.

Try out the one that feels right for you.

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