Life Coding #1

The other day I was talking to a group about a concept I call Life Coding. You might recall that at the start of this year the Sunday Tines ran a series called Learn to Code – create a computer/app program that works. And that got me thinking about Coding a Life that works. So I came up with Life Coders and Life Coding.

Think about this. Whatever results you are getting – good or bad – there is a ‘code’ at the back of that. Life Coding essentially is a skill of recognising codes that don’t work and creating codes that do work. Actually, deciding that there is a possibility that there are codes that you can write that make your life work the way you SEE it working.

For example, if you don’t earn enough money there is a code that sits at the back of that called I don’t/can’t/won’t earn enough money.

It is incredible when someone writes new code. If you think that is crap, that’s a code you wrote years ago. (And maybe its a code someone wrote and installed years ago and you don’t even realise you did’t even write it.)

Just a thought.

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