Toxic Tenures, Part 2

In this five part series I look at toxic tenures – appointing senior managers that are just not right for your business.

In part one I talked about pre-hiring and mentioned pre-employment profiling.

#2 Reference Checks
Reference checks are a part of a standard HR battery  of assessment. The person you are considering for the role will no doubt look and sound fantastic. And you may be excited at on boarding them. Usually they have made you feel that you are acquiring some serious talent.

But don’t be in a rush to hire. Do your standard reference checks. Continue reading

Toxic Tenures, Part 1

This five-part blog looks at toxic tenure – hiring people that are just not right for senior leadership roles.

Recently worked with a client who had a senior manager who on the surface looked and sounded brilliant but over a three year period was a walking nightmare. You would never Continue reading