Toxic Tenures, Part 1

This five-part blog looks at toxic tenure – hiring people that are just not right for senior leadership roles.

Recently worked with a client who had a senior manager who on the surface looked and sounded brilliant but over a three year period was a walking nightmare. You would never have guessed from the apparent unblemished  CV but within a very short space of time the cracks started to appear.

We can safely say that this manager/team leader had a 200% turnover in their team; and failed to meet any of their targets. Incredibly, this person was amazing at dodging performance reviews and bullets.

In hindsight, here’s what should have happened during the hiring phase:

#1. Pre-employment profiling. 
The Business Leadership Profile (BLP) is just one of many recruitment assessments that will target leadership issues early. The BLP specifically has a leadership score, but importantly, it has an Attitude, Ethics/Standards and Directness measure. Low scores in any of these flag future issues.

It also measures Confident, Proactive, Assertive and Confront, Service and Talk and high scores on these indicate what we call an in-your-face, take over trait. These people tend to mentally or micromanage others to the point that people feel disempowered.

Tip: A heads up that you have a toxic tenure will be murmurings amongst admin staff. Watch for juniors who leave or are fired by this person.



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