Toxic Tenures, Part 3

#3 Job Interviews

I am pretty good at reading and evaluating people but I have made some pretty bad recruitment decisions. People that just didn’t work out. So how did I miss that?

Well I fell for the age old issue of thinking the job interview was meant to see if I liked the person. I though it was about impressing them with how good a company we were. And Continue reading

Package Glut: Global problem


Cyber Monday hit a client’s office block with a vengeance. Over 1500 parcels hit the front desk in reception. And all of those parcels then had to be signed for and delivered to the tenants.

But typically they now receive 100 packages a day.

This is a new postal trend. Given Amazon and e-commerce we are sending and receiving more and more parcels and packages. This has created a package glut. A lot of parcels fit in a normal letterbox but a lot don’t. Continue reading