Toxic Tenures, Part 4

#4 Do your background checks
Some people have what we call ‘priors’ (e.g., prior convictions, history, form).

I maintain that most people telegraph issues especially when they are trying to sound to good or too cool or too friendly or too strong etc. ‘Too’ anything.

I worked with a client who employed a new GM and I immediately sensed that there was an issue because from the get-go he was on the defensive with a gibe that was an attack thinly disguised as humour with an edge of malicious sarcasm. I felt intimidated and I am sure that was intended.

My client said that the references were great and the referees checked out but of course they would. I suggested he do some background checks and it turned out the GM had several bullying and harassment claims against him. Technically, these need to be disclosed at this level but they weren’t.

You should do your due diligence and search convictions for crimes that would concern a company, for example, bankruptcy, stealing, fraud, harassment, or violence. Also, check to see if their claimed educational degrees and diplomas are real, and not figments of their manipulative lies.

The short answer is: check especially if you like them!

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