The Money Chimp #1 Business Book

In late January 2016, I released my new book The Money Chimp as a paperback and in Kindle; and an online money managing test that shows you your strengths and weaknesses with budgeting.

Money Chimp 3D Cover

#1 ranked money book ‘Budgeting’, UK
It quickly ranked at #1 in the categories of budgeting, money management and personal money management. Currently it is in the #Top 20 money books in the UK.

We spend 130% of our income!
Did you know that most Brits spend 130% of their weekly pay? And most 18-28s are headed for a cycle of chronic debt unless they change their attitudes, habits and skills around budgeting and managing money.

5 habits and 5 skills
Over four years I researched money management and identified five habits (earning, spending, saving, investing and giving) and five skills (monitoring, focusing, reducing, training and taking action) that can have most people debt free in 90 days.

The Money Chimp is an easy read and is ideal if you have money worries. I have noticed that most people buying the book are my age – 50+ – buying it for the adult ‘kids’.

If you’d like to purchase The Money Chimp on Amazon click here.

If you’d like to take the Money Chimp Test click here.



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