Toxic Tenures, Bonus

I’ve been writing about toxic tenures – trouble staff that were flagging problems at the recruitment phase.

Several years ago I heard of a large national financial company that had made a major hire of a senior exec who left a position under less than good circumstances. This person was Grade A toxic in the role. If leadership is about getting results and creating effective relationships then this person failed in the results remit and killed every relationship they came in contact with.

Initially the board was impressed but after two years they could no longer ignore the performance issues or the staffing complaints.

Almost immediately they showed up in another high profiled executive/leadership position.

Curiously no-one from the new company bothered to contact the previous employer for a reference. No-one.

Not surprisingly, some people make such a good impression they get hired without any of the i’s and ts being dotted and crossed. They always present as professional and are very convincing. And they can make all the right noises.

But EVERY member of the previous management team felt that this person was too good … at the time they were hiring. But they ignored that awareness.

The trick to avoiding toxic tenures is to follow a rigorous due diligence and HR process especially if it is a key appointment; and pay attention to your awareness.

Hope that helps.




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