Why did you start your business?

Two months ago, as part of my role as head coach at Dent Global we started a six month programme called Threshold designed to help emerging enterprises kick over the £83,000 VAT limit. 

The first observation is the 60+ intake are all keen to show how good they are.

We start the session by asking them to explain in detail: why did you start your business?

They have to deep dive into that question. They buddy up and do exhaustive Q and A.

What emerges is a usually an important back story that eclipses the features and benefits and what I call the ‘factory specs’ of their business.

You can tell it’s working because people become engaged. They start to lean in.

If you are going to invest so much time, money and effort you probably need to do this exercise. And annually.

Dont listen to me though. Our alumni soon start reporting little wins and quantum leaps.

This approach has a basis in research. Jim Stengel in his book Grow spends a lot on ‘why’ and identifying your core value. The DNA of highly successful double digit growth companies is a compelling why.




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