40-Day Business Leadership Peak Performance Programme Day 18: Monkeys

My wife and I went on a holiday to Bali and one day we were taken on a tour of the Monkey Forest where you can hand feed tame monkeys. (But please don’t try this just anywhere. Outside of designated monkey forests they aren’t always as tame and in fact they are decidedly wild! In their native state they are fierce little critters that bite hard! Do not be1986-bali-12 fooled they are all cute, cuddly or domesticated.)

But in the designated monkey forests the bushmen catch them then train them to play nicely.

So here’s the thing: how do you catch a lightning fast spider monkey?

Well, the bushmen make a small cage made out of wire coat hangers just big enough to hold just a banana. They then peg the cages into the ground and put the banana inside. The monkeys are attracted to the bananas and put their hand inside the little cage and grab the banana. Incredibly, once they have the banana they won’t let it go. Once they have found food and have it in their hands, to lose that food is just not in a monkey’s DNA.

And it is this instinctive survival hardwiring that is their downfall.

Food is hard to find!

The bushman then approaches the monkey holding the banana and throws a hessian bag over the monkey’s head and captures them. As soon as the bag goes over their head they let go of the banana! But then they are caught! The agile monkey could run easily away at any time but their instinctive behaviour is so fixed that they would rather hang onto that banana cthan run away to freedom.

Get the idea?

So what banana are you holding on to?

Ron is holding onto this idea that he needs to be ‘nice’ to late paying customers. Jane is holding onto this idea that she needs to be liked. She would rather be helpful to everyone even if it means she works back late and wastes enormous amounts of time … than say ‘No.’

If you aren’t getting the results you want; if life isn’t the way you want it then you are holding onto a limiting belief banana!



Reread this document. What bananas do you need to let go of and then, what plane do you need to get onto?

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