40-Day Business Leadership Peak Performance Programme Day 27: Adding Meaning

Did you get the concept of movies, yesterday? Remember Steve’s movies? Steve ‘imagined’ that his colleagues would see him return a stale muffin to the café and ask for a replacement and then they would go back to the office and tell everyone at work that he was a tight wad. He imagined talking with his office manager and it not going well.

The problem with movies is you’re making it up. But often it doesn’t stop there. You add to the movie. Importantly, add meaning. Let me explain.

I was sales coaching a guy called Rob on how to do client presentations and asking for the business. We did several role plays. We go over the presentation again and again until Rob feels ready to ’go live’ … real time. Then we ‘get on the plane’ and  set up a live sales presentation with a live customer.

So we arrive at the customer’s office and Rob explains that I am a colleague. The presentation starts well and it’s all going fine when suddenly in the middle of Rob’s pitch, the client looks down at his watch.


It’s really important that you put yourself in this scenario and imagine what happened.

OK, here’s what I saw happen next.

Rob immediately starts to wind up his presentation. The ‘deal’ on the table is $25,000 but Rob is making moves to end the sales presentation. The deal on the table is $25,000 but the ongoing business represents say $250k over five years. That’s $250k from one presentation about to fall over.

This is happening fast – in nano-seconds! A guy looks at his watch and Rob is winding down his pitch! It’s that quick. 

Now I’ve got some serious chatter! I’m seeing the $25,000 going down the drain. So, should I say something, or not? Or say nothing and debrief with Rob and let him chalk that one up to an expensive lesson in selling, or not?

Before I tell you what happened, what would you do?

OK, you are being trusted to not read on! It’s really important that you stop and reflect on the situation. There’s a lot in this little story. And a lot of money involved. I have clients all day everyday who get chatter and movies that hits them quickly.  So think it through. When I do this activity with a client we spend a lot of time just talking it through. So don’t short change yourself and cheat.

Stop and think about this.


Andrew Priestley is a qualified business leadership coach with clients worldwide. He is the author of The Money Chimp, Starting and How Money Flows Through Your Business. You can contact him through www.andrewpriestley.com

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