What are the new keys to growth and profit really?

Andrew Priestley is the UK Head Coach for The Key Person Of Influence Brand Accelerator. He talks about a typical case study.

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Last Friday I met with an ambitious ex-corporate entrepreneur who has a passion for health and started a business that employs three people and is doing about the £243k mark.

Basically, Mark (let’s call him Mark*) was a bright ambitious, heavy hitter in corporate working about 80 hours plus a week, personally responsible for a team of 23 and under immense pressure to perform. Then he noticed more and more that he was tired. Eventually he noticed that after ten hours of sleep he was waking up exhausted.

His solution was to throw more hard work at the problem. Long story short: bad move.

He was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and burn out. He went down the modern medicine route but also explored alternative therapies when he wasn’t getting a result. With two years he was back in great shape with renewed energy and vigour.

His mates were asking, “What did you did to bounce back?” So he started giving advice.

Then he got more and more requests for help from busy professionals exactly like himself and decided to quit his corporate gig, get qualified and go full time as a corporate leadership energy expert.

And, while its been going OK after three years he is incredibly frustrated that more professionals on a collision course with health and stress issues aren’t flocking to his door. In his mind, he should be doing about £600-£750k by now.

Mark attended The Key Person Of Influence Brand Accelerator  (KPI) in London and then a Discovery session.

The Brand Accelerator helped him quickly identify five problems:

  • He can’t pitch his offering in a compelling way (when I asked him to say what he does I was confused by the heavy overlay of jargon).
  • Incredibly, he has very little in writing i.e., brochures, digital downloads, books, blogs, articles etc.
  • The product/service offering is, frankly, confusing. For something as profound as the breakthroughs he is achieving the core offering lacks a cohesive customer journey.
  • His brand sucks.
  • And he is missing out on low hanging fruit – let alone target clients – through a lack of effective partnering.

Here’s Marks’ feeback:

‘”I liked the pitching segment because I realised that I take a totally ad hoc approach to pitching what I do. I usually felt embarrassed when asked what I do because even I got bored with how woo-woo, convoluted and confused I sounded. I achieve amazing results for clients but you wouldn’t have guessed it from the way I pitched it.”

“I’ve always wanted to write book about executive stress and burn out but never knew how to go about it. I was stunned to see that most people on this course write a book – and books I’ve seen on Amazon and in book stores.”

“I was very uncomfortable during the product segment because I really started to see how much money I am leaving on the table because of the lack of a product eco-system.”

“I thought the profile segment would be about social media and SEO but I didn’t realise that its about identifying the genuine value I’m already sitting on and communicating that to my target client without any spin.”

“I loved the partnerships segment and immediately started to see how I could combine the profile and partnering tools.”

“My big insight was this wasn’t about tools and techniques but a structured way of positioning myself as a key person of industry within my industry. Just having a book would do that!”

“It wasn’t about SEO or PPC or sales and marketing or PR event though those topics were touched on. I was surprised that the day focused on how to impact the lives of others and actually create a legacy of contribution through excellence.”

“I liked the fact that people – very much like myself had done the course and benefitted. Everyone said it was a structured, tough ten-month challenge that totally stretched them but they loved the group dynamics, the online support, the industry mentors but mostly the earthiness of the sessions.”

“It’s a cliche but I was reminded to work on my business and stop throwing hard work at my business in the hope something would work. A good reminder.”

“I’m not a fan of high pressure sales techniques and so I liked the total absence of spin and sales pressure: the programme will resonate with you or it won’t. You should start this journey for the right reasons because it IS a journey. Right now I need to prove value in my business.”

The Key Person Of Influence Brand Accelerator  is not for everyone and not everyone can do the programme because delegates are carefully selected. For example, we want a really compatible mix in the ten month programme. If you are not ready, we will say why and suggest an appropriate course of action that will suit.

If this sounds like something you’d like to please click here for Birmingham (Friday 3 March 2017) and London (Friday 31 March, 2017).

*We have changed the name and industry to protect the confidentiality of this client.

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