40-Day Business Leadership Peak Performance Programme Day 38: Unlimited

Yesterday we were talking about working hard and being lucky.

I love the story of how Thomas Edison created the incandescent lightbulb. Scientist had actually tried for 50 years to get anything remotely workable but Edison had solved the problem with three years. It may or may not be true but the story goes that Edison tried over 10,000 times to get it right. (Not him personally, I now know, but his team did over 10,000 trials.) But Edison knew he would get it. There is something in his story that tells us he reached a point where it didn’t matter how many trials he made. He was unlimited in his potential to succeed.

Failure can teach you the right lessons. To keep going.

JK Rowling approached over 30 publishers and some of the rejections were damning. But she kept going.

Consider the persistence of Australian long distance swimmer Suzie Moroney. Moroney swam the English Channel but I think her most notable swim was from from Cuba to Florida. And it is not just the distance or the fact that she broke records. It is the way she finished.

Moroney swam an incredible distance but was some kilometres away from the official finish line. Even though technically she had succeeded in her attempt she decided that it wasn’t right. Exhausted physically and mentally, and contrary to the advice from her coach and the officials who said she had succeeded in her attempt, she staggered back into the water … and swam to the correct finish line!

That is unlimited.

Sometimes this means personal sacrifice.

Rosa Parks who defied the laws of the time and rode the bus in a Whites Only seat and she refused to give up her seat for a white person. It is a totally inspirational story where she pushed the boundaries of possibility at great personal risk.

The trick here is not to be impressed by these stories. The trick is to reflect on what this means to your life. We all have dreams. We all know what we need to do for success. We really do. We know what we need to STOP, START and CONTINUE. We know how to shut hour chatter down. We all know the comfort zone we need to push through. A big part of this course – ticking away in the background –  is developing self trust.

You know. The walk must match the talk.

The attitude is: with or without you, I will succeed.

I’d like you to identify someone you admire who has inspired you and Google their story. Agassi inspired me to keep going.

The amazing Marva Collins totally changed my life because under the most difficult of circumstances she change modern education for disadvantaged children in the USA.

Tomorrow we are going to look at a perfect day but for today read up on some lucky unlimited people.

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