40-Day Business Leadership Peak Performance Programme Day 40: Next level

Are you ready to do whatever is necessary to take your game up a level?

If so, here are some key tips to help you build on the 40-Peak Performance Course.

Profile your strengths and weakness 

High performers are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They tend to know themselves very well. In my experience they want to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Especially in a business context.

That’s why I highly recommend the Business Leadership Profile. It helps you determine what’s working for you and what’s holding you back.

It profiles 36 traits associated with high performance in a business context. It’s a great personal and professional tool for deciding what to work on most.

This is a comprehensive approach. You answer about 400 questions and your answers generate a detailed chart. We then give you a 2-hour feedback session. This can be delivered anywhere in the world via skype.

If this sounds of interest click here or email me at blpcharts@hotmail.com

Create a vision of your game at the next level. 

Remember the NOW, WHERE, HOW Model? Before you make any changes determine clearly where you are now and where do you want to be next? What does success look like to you at the next level?

Remember Ron?  His vision was to get his debtor days below 30 days tops … not 120.

David had a vision of a target weight of less than 100kgs.

Jane’s vision was nursing arriving on time and a health compliant kitchen in her hospital.

Agassi wanted to be in the top 25 and in fact he visualised winning point by point! How will you know you are getting the result?

You need to know what the ideal is. Importantly, you need to know how not achieving the ideal is impacting you.

Get excited. Get energised. 

Once Bill the golfer sunk a few holes on the green he got very excited about golf again.

I worked with John who was basically exhausted from over work. We factored in some holidays to recharge his batteries. If you’re tired get some rest. Drink more water. Get some fresh air. But recharge. You don’t feel like winning when you’re weary.
Get good advice. 

Remember David? He visited his doctor. He got a fitness trainer and a nutritionist and a business coach. Agassi changed coaches. Where can you get the best information from? Get qualified help. Talk to people who can help you map out a plan of attack.

Get a coach.

If you need a coach call me. I work with clients worldwide and I do one-off sessions and three month intensives.

My typical client is an owner or manager running an established small to medium business. (For some reason they seem to cluster into three bandwidths £250-500k; £500k-£2M; and £2M up to £20M.)

They want to drive revenues and profits; increase the valuation of the business; or facilitate an exit.

In most cases they either want help in the business; or they are savvy enough to realise they need to up their skills as a business leader (even though few of them call themself a ‘leader’).

If you want to chat about coaching click here or email me at blpcharts@hotmail.com
Be open to input.

There’s no point seeking advice if you don’t listen to it.

David listened and had to push through massive comfort zones to tackle his obesity. Imagine fronting up to a gym and your 50 pounds overweight? Imagine a golf pro taking advice from a non-golfer. Some of the advice you get may definitely require you to get uncomfortable.

Ron listened and went on to solved his cashflow issues. He actually had to fire some of his clients and even had to sue two of them!

Steve redesigned his whole paralegal department. It took him 3 months but he did it.?
Be patient. 

=The research says take it slowly. Baby steps. Remember small incremental steps correlates most with sustained success.

David did not shed 50 pounds in a week. It took him over 12 months. Be prepared for setbacks and obstacles and losses. When you build a house it’s a mess on-site for three months but then suddenly the house is finished.?
Don’t forget to have fun. 

Lighten up. Honestly, we take ourselves far too seriously at times. It should be easy. It should feel good. If it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t.

Steve and I (eventually) had a great laugh about his stale muffin experience.

Ron and I had a giggle about the car; and collecting debts.

Jane was able to toughen up and actually really enjoyed the fact that she got good at demanding performance and compliance from her nurses.
Shut down your chatter. 

This is the most amazing tool! Literally thousands of clients have used this tool to resolve an amazing range of issues. Reread the sections on chatter again and again.

If you take nothing else from this 40-Day Peak Performance – take this one. It works. It really does. I have seen dramatic shifts in performance from this one tool.

Reread those chatter sessions carefully.

  • Stop, start, continue.
  • Again another powerful tool. (As I said, find the tool that works for you. This program is peppered with some proven performance enhancement tools).
  • Focus on your performance plan not winning and losing. Focus on what’s working … not what isn’t.
  • Get uncomfortable.
  • Resist the temptation to go through the motions. Back yourself. Set the bar higher. Get on the plane! Push through that comfort zone!
  • Turn your problems into projects.
  • Your goal is to turn your upside rockets back up the right way. Think like a project manager. Buy yourself project management for dummies or something like a basic primer in project management.?
  • Pay attention to your faulty beliefs.
  • Problems are your best opportunity for identifying them. You get triggered. You run into your Comfort Zones.
  • Stop arguing for your limitations.
  • Catch yourself arguing against your own success. You have to catch yourself doing this and cut it short. Stop adding meaning. We do this all the time. It’s habitual. You need to become aware when you’re doing it … and stop it.

Bill did not regain his golfing composure by hitting a ball he knew he would splice. He addressed his negative self talk and developed a strategy for working with it.


PS: Let me know how you are going with this program. Love to get your feedback at blpcharts@hotmail.com

Oh, tomorrow there’s a BONUS day.

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