How do you feel about selling?

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I performed a meta-analysis of popular sales skills training programmes and they can be condensed down to ten core skills: readiness, knowledge, prospecting, rapport, qualifying, presenting, closing, handling objections, customer service and admin. (Most sales training is a variation on those skills).

So when I started sales training those are the skills I taught. Again, logic says if you train in those skills you should see an increase in sales performance. And I did, but it wasn’t spectacular.

So back to the research. A moderating factor of skills is attitude – how you feel about selling.

Hi Attitude/Lo Skills Vs Lo Attitude Hi Skills

As an example, I routinely saw people with high attitude and low skills outsell people with high skills but low attitude. In my study I noticed a lot of sales training that focuses on attitude, motivation and positivity. So I started to incorporate more motivational/attitudinal aspects into the skills training.

I now understand that how you feel about selling will have a huge impact on how you sell.

After combining skills/will training, I saw an improvement … but not a marked improvement.

Your turn:
When I work with a sales team I get them to discuss the skills they need most in their role. Great activity if you have a sales team … or even if you are the sales team!

In the next blog I will talk about what I discovered that works.

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