Skill and Will in sales training

The Sales Profiler - 4

Sales Profiling 4

Sales training is a multi-billion dollar global industry and the best training combines skills development and motivational aspects. I call that skill and will. And for a long time I focused on a balance between practical sales skills development and improving the attitude and motivation – the will – of the trainee.

And I started to see good results – but not across all delegates.

No matter what I did a percentage of the delegates excelled, the bulk had some improvement and a percentage had no significant change at all.

So what was it about the high performers that saw a marked increase in their results? They had somehow acquired and leveraged both the skill and will … but why?

I started to observe that attitude and motivation moderated sales performance – but not in all delegates. But more on that later.

Your turn:
I asked you to list the key selling skills you need in your sales role but what motivates you to sell? 

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