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The Sales Profiler - 5

Sale Profile 5

I’m going slowly because I want you to think it through. Sales is so important – its the revenues engine of your business – so you need to get it right.


Most sales training focuses on sales skills development. There are hundreds of sales skills training methods and I performed a met analysis of 143 popular programmes and identified ten core skills that interestingly can be sorted into before, during and after the sale.

I started to train in those skills and had good results.


Then I noticed that people with a positive attitude outsold people with a negative mindset even if they had less skills and the literature tells us that a good attitude positively moderates just about any activity you can think of.

So we added a strong motivational component.

To be fair I ran some sales programmes with skills only being very mindful to steer away from attitudinal concepts; and programmes with only an attitudinal bias and no skills – solid rah! rah! sessions and a combination of the two. Combine out performed skills or attitude on their own., Seems obvious right, but I wanted to be sure.

But only just bit better. But why were there high and low performers in both groups?

It’s soon ding science-y but I’m chasing the holy grail of sales training! Stay tuned.

Your turn:
What sales skills do you think are needed most in your business and what are you doing to develop those skills? And: what are you doing to foster motivation?

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