Day 9: I am a Millionaire. Coins, code, conflict and contradictions.

Welcome to Day 9.

On Day 8 I told a story about an expensive bike and my efforts as a kid to raise cash to buy it. If you missed it click here for Day 8.

You know how the story ends. I spent three hours washing all these mucky coke bottles for 25c. I was learning the lesson: hard work = success. Time for money. If you want something, work hard for it.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But hard work earned me 25c, not $15. And Continue reading

Day 8: I am a Millionaire. Bikes and bottles.

Welcome to Day 8.

Yesterday we talked about priming the pump. It’s a basic example but it serves us well.

When I was a kid if I wanted something I worked for it. I remember when I was a kid I used to walk past a bike shop in Ormond Road. In the window was a gold Dragstar with silver mud guards, Stermy-Archer stick shift gears, chopper bars, a long white saddle and white rimmed tyres.

I used to plaster my face to the window and stare. I saw myself riding the streets, Continue reading

Day 7: I am a Millionaire: Priming the Pump

Welcome to Day 7.

I have been asking you to do seven minutes of desk searches.  Did you type How to become a millionaire into Google? What did you find?

There is point to this. It’s called priming the pump.

I lived on a farm in Australia and where we lived is subject to drought. However underground there is a water table and if you sink a shaft down deep enough you tap into that water supply. In Australia, farmers put up wind vanes that catch the breeze and Continue reading

Day 6: I am am Millionaire

Welcome to Day 6.

Once again, it’s really important to do the desk search activity.

For example, recently I came across a course in the USA that teaches you how to build a seven figure business. It will cost you $1,997 for the information, and they are quick to point out that it requires a lot of hard work and there are no guarantees.

I was curious to view the offer, the inclusions and the sales pitch so I opted in for their Continue reading

Day 5: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 5

OK, did you do seven minutes of desk searching yesterday? Just type in <How to become a millionaire> into Google and see what you can find. Make notes. 

I did a search, here’s what I found. Continue reading

Day 4: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 4.

Today I want you to spend 7 minutes Googling <How to become a millionaire>. Do a desk search of All, and Videos.

There are literally thousands of websites and videos that will tell you how to become a millionaire. So look at some. Start reading. 

You will discover free stuff – good and rubbish. You will discover a lot of stuff designed to sell you the secret or method to becoming a millionaire. A lot of it is plain common sense – spend less than you earn. A lot of it is rubbish. Continue reading

Day 3: I am a Millionaire.

Welcome to Day 3.

So do you sort of now know what you’re worth? Did you do the activity from Day 2? If not, stop reading and go back and do that activity. Here’s the link.

Please don’t read any further unless and until you’ve done that activity. It’s pointless. There’s some really cool stuff coming up but if you haven’t done that activity it will simply not even register. If it takes you a week to find out, take a week. Honestly, don’t read another word until you know. Continue reading

Day 2: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 2.

(If you missed Day 1 here’s the link)

Technically, I became a millionaire in 2007. Well, on paper anyway. I owned two properties valued at over £600k each so I had over a million in property. Were they my assets? I had two big mortgages, so technically, the bank owned most of those assets.

I later sold those properties and after I paid down the mortgages I had £345k in cash.

I then bought a small house outright for £278k sold that in 2012 for £325 and bought a bigger house. Continue reading

Day 1: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to I am a Millionaire

A lot of business people I talk to individually or in groups want to be successful. Specifically millionaires. If I do a show of hands in a workshop – Who wants to be a millionaire? – pretty much all hands go up.

So we talk about it.

In a workshop we do an A/B partner activity. I get them to partner up and ask: Why do you want to be a millionaire? Why else do you want to be a millionaire? They each take turns answering that question for ten minutes each. One person talks, the other scribes. Continue reading