Day 3: I am a Millionaire.

Welcome to Day 3.

So do you sort of now know what you’re worth? Did you do the activity from Day 2? If not, stop reading and go back and do that activity. Here’s the link.

Please don’t read any further unless and until you’ve done that activity. It’s pointless. There’s some really cool stuff coming up but if you haven’t done that activity it will simply not even register. If it takes you a week to find out, take a week. Honestly, don’t read another word until you know.

I’ll only see you back here once you’ve done that activity.

If you did do the activity then I want you to think about the best business book you’ve ever read. Take a moment. What was it called? Who wrote it? What did you get out of it? Did you finish that book? Did you turn what you learnt into money? If so how much?

I read the Richest Man in Babylon years ago and did exactly what it told me to do. George Clason told me to save 10% of my after tax take-home pay and never touch it (unless you switch it into an investment). So I saved 10% of my income and have done so ever since. 

I read The Money Tree and did exactly what it said. I saved 10% no matter what, paid down my debts with 20% and lived off 70%  and I was eventually debt free. It probably took about six months, but I did it.

Most people read a book but that’s all that they do. Read the book. If that’s all you do then most books are a waste of your time. People don’t re-read or study books. They don’t see themselves implementing the ideas and getting the results. I mean really see. And they don’t implement the ideas.

What they do is start a book and skip over the first exercise they come to that requires a small amount of effort. And the message you send to your brain is: I can’t be bothered and neither should you. So the brain goes back into idle mode.

You need to read a good book ten times. You need to print this blog out and highlight it, immerse in it, reread it, again and again because you need to impress on your mind that you will be a millionaire.

In essence I want you to jump start the 100 billion neurones between your ears. The reason people get good at something is because they strengthen the neural connections. When you read a book, highlight passages, revisit them you fire up those neural connections and strengthen them. Reading something once will not normally be of any major benefit.

You cannot get in shape with one gym session a week. You can’t be an Olympic athlete once a week.

Today, think about what I just told you.


Your turn

If you did do the activity, what did you learn?
If you struggled to do the activity, why was it a struggle?


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