Day 4: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 4.

Today I want you to spend 7 minutes Googling <How to become a millionaire>. Do a desk search of All, and Videos.

There are literally thousands of websites and videos that will tell you how to become a millionaire. So look at some. Start reading. 

You will discover free stuff – good and rubbish. You will discover a lot of stuff designed to sell you the secret or method to becoming a millionaire. A lot of it is plain common sense – spend less than you earn. A lot of it is rubbish.

Some of it is irresponsible. I once did a course that recommended you up the limit on all your credit cards and then ‘Act as if’.

And a lot of millionaire business opportunities.

Some of it though is amazing.

Last year I received an email from a guy offering a free report on becoming a millionaire.

I clicked through and it took me to a landing page with a 22 minute video. The video was so good. The guy was down-to-earth, grounded and humble (but rich).  I watched the whole thing. He told me – don’t buy yet – and that Video 2 would come the next day and …

Video 2 was even better … as was Videos 3 and 4.

By the end of Video 4 I was ready to convert. I had downloaded the free reports and opted in for a webinar … and even purchased a trial programme for USD$34 and by then I was really tempted to opt in in for USD$1497 programme …

… that was running out quick … limited spaces … offer ends midnight …

So heads up -you will discover some people out there are really good at getting you to part with your cash. A small amount first.

So just decided now – look don’t touch. Watch don’t buy. Go window shopping. Do some desk research. Just see what you can find.

I have a colleague who trawls through competitor websites full time for a living. He reports on what works and what doesn’t. Even he says some of the websites are incredibly compelling.

One website offered 30 videos over 30 days. You are drip fed a video per day. And I’m talking really high grade, value add material. He poured over those videos. He ripped them to MP3 audios and had them transcribed and watched the videos again with a highlighter and the transcript. Pretty soon we were able to see how the spell was being cast.

So trust me once you start looking, you will encounter people who are utterly convincing and you will be hooked. So again, be warned, just go window shopping, look but don’t buy.


Your turn

Block out seven minutes today and type in <How to become a millionaire> and see what’s there. STOP after seven minutes.


Andrew Priestley is an award winning business coach, best selling author of The Money Chimp, Awareness, and Starting! and listed in the 2017 Top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentors.

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