Day 6: I am am Millionaire

Welcome to Day 6.

Once again, it’s really important to do the desk search activity.

For example, recently I came across a course in the USA that teaches you how to build a seven figure business. It will cost you $1,997 for the information, and they are quick to point out that it requires a lot of hard work and there are no guarantees.

I was curious to view the offer, the inclusions and the sales pitch so I opted in for their webinar.

The pitch followed the standard start from nothing, in dent etc etc narrative and explained the breakthrough. The gently they started to flag ‘limited numbers’, 100 only places at $2,000. They value stacked the offer and pitched it’s component value of around $6,000. Then they introduced an urgent buy-now pitch: it’s a one-off $2,000 deal if you buy now but tomorrow the price is back up to $6,000.

Over 450 people joined that webinar and within an hour 83 people had signed on. So $165,751 for an hours work.This is such a standard format.The lesson learned – again – was they had parcelled up their knowledge and found a way to market that to 83 people.

But ignoring all that if they run that course five times this year technically they’ve created about a million in a year.That is just ONE way to make a million.So search, read. Get ideas. See how other people make a million.I want to emphasise that most people I meet do not do anywhere near enough discovery or research.

I am coaching a law firm and prior to commencing I researched 400 law firms, Incredibly, I found gaping holes in almost every website I looked at. I learned a lot about that industry – specifically how they market themselves and what they think works. Right there, if I sold 50 law firms a £5000 package to sort their websites I’ve made £250,000.

A mate in Melbourne does law firm marketing starting from $25,000 per law firm. If he helped 50 law firms he’s turned over $1,250,000. Of course, he has immense skill and track record in helping law firms attract target clients via extensive website tweaking. In this case his client needs just one client to be cash neutral in their investment.So, do the desk searches. There’s a reason why which I will explain next time.

Your turn

OK, what are you learning today? Importantly, if I suggest a desk search, did you do it? Did you apply you self to this task? If you did what did you learn? If not, why not? Reflect on why you didn’t do this activity. Really important that you pay close attention to any resistance and what that is teaching you.


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