Day 7: I am a Millionaire: Priming the Pump

Welcome to Day 7.

I have been asking you to do seven minutes of desk searches.  Did you type How to become a millionaire into Google? What did you find?

There is point to this. It’s called priming the pump.

I lived on a farm in Australia and where we lived is subject to drought. However underground there is a water table and if you sink a shaft down deep enough you tap into that water supply. In Australia, farmers put up wind vanes that catch the breeze and once they start turning they drive a pump that sucks fresh water to the surface.

But sometimes it doesn’t work and you have to prime the pump. Basically, you have to pour water down the shaft and fill it up to remove the air bubbles and when the vane starts turning water flows. That can take some time.

It seems to take for ever and sometimes you wonder if anything will come. What comes up is surface water – it’s OK but not really that useful – well not drinking water anyway. But slowly but surely the fresh water starts to come to the top.

Then all of a sudden it gushes fresh, life giving water! Nothing better when the ground its arid and baked solid and you’ve been waiting for a drink.

Here’s the point: you cannot expect water unless and until the pump is primed. So there’s no point getting anxious or annoyed or angry because water isn’t flowing. And it’s pointless to blame your self or invent some story about why there’s no water. If you know water is down there, you just didn’t prime the pump long enough or at all. Simple.

Millionaire ideas are like the water table. To get them you have to go deep and prime the pump. Rarely do you wake up with a millionaire idea.

The equivalent in sport is the training and the warm-up. You cannot expect gold medals if you don’t practice or warm-up.

And if you look around you’ll soon realise you are being primed all the time through advertising, music, images, friends etc. If you’ve ever been to a concert or a West End show you were primed!

So this is no different.

Millionaire ideas come from within – from your mind. I am going to push the idea that your mind works in a specific way. If you want millionaire ideas you need to prime the mind. Just like priming a water pump, there’s a specific process.

Over the next sessions I’ll explain how but for now understand the basic principle:  if you want fresh water you need to prime the pump for water; and if you want millionaire ideas you need to prime your mind.

So you might have twigged that doing a desk search is priming the mind.


Your Turn

So what’s you big take away from today? And: do another seven minutes of desk searches.


Andrew Priestley is an award winning business coach, best selling author of The Money Chimp, Awareness, and Starting! and listed in the 2017 Top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentors.

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