Day 18: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 18.

Yesterday I asked you to write the statement:

I am not a millionaire because …

And brainstorm a list of the reasons why not. So how did you go?

(If you didn’t do this exercise I suggest you go back to Day 17, and do this exercise now.)

Some one emailed me and said, “I am really good with money so why am I writing down Continue reading

Day 17: I am a Millionaire.

Welcome to Day 17.

Yesterday I unpacked a story of two guys who were in debt, took on more debt bought property, sold the property and walked away debt free and £2.2m in cash. Lucky, right?

What happened isn’t that important. What I’m interested in – and what you need to be interested in – is did this story make you feel? What thoughts, ideas etc went through your mind?

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Day 16: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 16.

Day 15 was about two guys – Brian and Gregg – who had a small engineering firm. They were already making good money but basically they were in a holding pattern working to draw down the debt of £80,000 on one of their machines.

On face value this is a luck story – right time, right place, right? Maybe. This is how most Continue reading

Day 15: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 15.

Short story too good to leave out.

Brian and Gregg are in the die cast  game. They owe £80,000 on one of their machines and every month they are playing the game of draw down the debt – trying to pay it off.

When you start a business didn’t you have ideas of the lifestyle benefits that business Continue reading

Day 14: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 14.

OK, over the last couple of days I’ve talked about desk searching your industry and I promised a case study.

I worked with a dentist and our desk search showed three clear categories of dentistry: emergency, orthodontic and cosmetic.

Emergency is when you are sitting in a cinema watching a movie eating popcorn and suddenly bite into something solid and crunchy and discover a filling has fallen out or Continue reading

Day 13: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 13.

OK, once again you are desk searching your industry. I received an email the other day from someone doing this programme and they found a brilliant article in becoming a millionaire that they have started to use.

And I received a text from someone who said doing the industry desk search has scared them stiff because they are seeing just how much good stuff is out there locally!

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Day 12: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 12.

I purposely left you to your own devices for a few days to see if you would follow through. The last point from Day 11 is about consistent application. Basically do you show up?

So your homework has been to desk search your industry even done to your location. For example, I am desk searching Business Coaching London and there’s a LOT of business coaches in London!

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Day 11: I am a Millionaire. The List

Welcome to Day 11.

Before I move I want to give you a quick break down of the key themes I identified in my ‘How to become a Millionaire’ search.

Visions, goals, plans etc
This pretty much tops mosts lists, blogs, advice sheets etc. You must have a vision for being a millionaire. There is a lot of advice around goals and goal support like Continue reading

Day 10: I am a Millionaire. Reading doesn’t work.

Welcome to Day 10.

Ok let’s switch gears. I asked you to desk search <How to become a millionaire> everyday for about seven days, seven minutes a day.  Before we go any further, did you do that? This is me you are talking to. Did you do seven minutes a day on desk searching that topic?

Let’s say you did. What did you discover? What did you find? What jumped out at you? Did you engage with the material?

I am going to tell you something that is so widely known you will probably roll your Continue reading