Day 13: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 13.

OK, once again you are desk searching your industry. I received an email the other day from someone doing this programme and they found a brilliant article in becoming a millionaire that they have started to use.

And I received a text from someone who said doing the industry desk search has scared them stiff because they are seeing just how much good stuff is out there locally!

Another short email said that they discovered just how bad their industry sells itself!

I mentioned I did some marketing for a plumber. AFter I listed all the services and categories I checked in with my client and he eliminated three quarters of the list.

“We can do that but we don’t want to. Its dirty, low end, labour intensive and thankless work people do not want to pay for.”

He was able to add insights to my thinking and in the discussion talk about target customers. For example a sweet spot job is a bathroom renovation for s heritage listed property and my client specialises in getting the local authority approvals for old buildings.

We started to focus on that in his throw -over-the- fence newspaper advertising and his online social media and that has paid off.

My accountant client made family run business couples a focus and that has become a profitable niche that has doubled the turnover of his practice rapidly.

Another accountant I worked with now only works with creative industries. They have ditched compliance work and now only do business advisory and support accounting.


Your turn

Is this helping? Are you doing the desk searching. It sounds like a marketing boot camp but it’s a millionaire idea boot camp. Honestly you need one idea.

In Day 14 I will give you a case study.

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