Day 15: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 15.

Short story too good to leave out.

Brian and Gregg are in the die cast  game. They owe £80,000 on one of their machines and every month they are playing the game of draw down the debt – trying to pay it off.

When you start a business didn’t you have ideas of the lifestyle benefits that business would deliver back to you? Both Brian and Gregg, dreamed of the beach lifestyle. Ironically the beach wasn’t far away at all.

They discovered a nearby but off the track beach that had some small units available for £125,000 each. They did the sums and discovered they could buy three. So they did.

Fast forward six months and a big developer bought up a lot of the surrounding land and  the three units – with prime views of the ocean – rocketed in value. So they sold one work £625,000!

With that money they paid off the other two units AND the die cast press!

Gregg then decided to sell his unit which now was over £800,000 and retire! Brian bought out his share of the engineering firm.

Four months later Brian was approached for a merger and based on his close observation of the industry sensed that the time was right. After two years his walk away was £2.2 million.

OK, timing and luck.


Your turn

Don’t you hate stories like these? Lucky people? What are you getting from this? What’s the take-away. Today I want you to do something different. Go onto Amazon and search books in your industry. Look at the top ten best selling books and see how the authors are and what the premise of their books are. Follow them up with a Google search, or Twitter or Wiki. But do the desk search. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Prime. Prime Prime.

Soon I am going to hit you with THE big question.

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