Day 17: I am a Millionaire.

Welcome to Day 17.

Yesterday I unpacked a story of two guys who were in debt, took on more debt bought property, sold the property and walked away debt free and £2.2m in cash. Lucky, right?

What happened isn’t that important. What I’m interested in – and what you need to be interested in – is did this story make you feel? What thoughts, ideas etc went through your mind?

When I tell this story in a seminar I get people to discuss it in small groups and talk about their insights, ideas, thoughts feelings.

Occasionally, i get someone who has a huge game changing insight. Some people get really inspired and can immediately see opportunities that are now patently obvious.

I want you to understands that Brian and Gregg were not lucky.

The bit people skip over is ideas and research. The story evolves over a year and a bit but in there is driving around looking at properties, meetings, arguments with wives, uncomfortable discussions with sceptical family members, scanning newspapers, visiting real estate agents, talking with a bank, refinancing and a host of other things.

You cannot overlook a host of activity that created that ‘luck’.

Yet despite all that the most common response is still something like, ‘That was alright for them.’

And at the heart of that is the thought or feeling that while this is OK for someone else, it doesn’t apply to me. You want to inspect that thought closely. Why not? Why doesn’t it apply to?

And let’s pretend it did apply to you. How could it be relevant?



Your turn

So here’s the deal. For the next few days I’m going to get you to try a seven minute only exercise.

You’ll need a journal. And a timer.

Write down this statement:

I am not a millionaire because …

Set the timer for seven minutes and write down whatever comes to mind.

I am not a millionaire because …


… I am too old.

… I am no good with money.

… I’m too busy.

Write down as many things as you can in seven minutes. Just a list.

At the end of the seven minutes read back over ther list and tick or circle or highlight the statements that feel the heaviest. That have the most bite.


(I want to emphasise again …
Andrew Priestley is an award winning business coach, best selling author of The Money Chimp, Awareness, and Starting! and listed in the 2017 Top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentors. Check out and @ARPriestley on Twitter. Disclaimer: It goes without saying that this is for information only and does not constitute clinical, legal, business or financial advice. The author is not responsible for any losses or damages that occur as a result of reading this material.)

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