Day 18: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 18.

Yesterday I asked you to write the statement:

I am not a millionaire because …

And brainstorm a list of the reasons why not. So how did you go?

(If you didn’t do this exercise I suggest you go back to Day 17, and do this exercise now.)

Some one emailed me and said, “I am really good with money so why am I writing down reasons why I am not a millionaire?”

I emailed back. “Are you a millionaire? If so don’t bother with this exercise.”

The reply came back, “No.”

“Well do the exercise.”

(If you are already a millionaire on paper still do the activity. A lot of wealthy people do not have liquid assets. Technically they are asset rich and cash poor. Maybe you are just on this course checking out the material. That’s OK. But if you’re here anyway, do this activity.)


Your turn

Ok, today is a repeat of yesterday except take ten minutes.Same question but keep brainstorming.


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