Day 21: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 21.

OK, today is easy. But it assumes you have done Days 17-20! If you haven’t can I suggest you backtrack now to those days and do the exercises otherwise today is going to be a bit confusing. Here’s a link.

OK. A bit of transformational theory. In most change scenarios – and yes we are doing a transformation change with this programme – there’s where you are now (which we call State A, or Now); and where you want to be (Which we call State B or the Target or Preferred State; or Where).  The transformation journey is going from State A to State B.

Your business actually follows this model precisely. You have customers at State A that want to get to State B. If they could get there on their own they wouldn’t need you. The fact that you have customers tells me that they are running into Obstacles. Otherwise you wouldn’t have customers or a business.

Clinically, and remember I am psych qualified, when people try and change anything they will run into obstacles that inhibit or prevent progress. I coach a lot of very successful people who feel they aren’t achieving enough or they are not hitting their potential – or true potential.

The key to obstacles is simple.

Some obstacles are legitimate and real. What I mean is the obstacle is in all actuality a real obstacle. For example, I love the movie Peter Pan – watched it with my kids growing up – and we all wanted to fly, but that ain’t happening – unassisted anyway. I might want to be President of the United States but there is a legitimate obstacle to that occurring. I am not a US citizen.

So think legitimate reasons.

But the other obstacles are actually self -imposed.

Everyone has an inner voice – an internal dialogue – self-talk – positive, neutral and negative.

Positive self-talk is has a positive tone. It’s self-affirming i.e., Gee, that went well today. Neutral self-talk is like a shopping list or to-do list i.e., must pick up milk and bread on the way home. Negative self-talk is usually self-depreciating.

(Note: self-talk is different from chatter. Chatter is binary. Straight up and down its the conflict between should I or shouldn’t I whereas self-talk is more a conversation and a running dialogue.)

So self-imposed obstacles are typically recognised as negative, self-depreciating self-talk. It’s you giving yourself a hiding to nowhere even! It’s you arguing for your own limitations. Totally made up!

Here’s the thing: the bulk of self-talk is lies. It rarely stands the test for veracity.

(You might want to Google the work of Byron Katie and The Work and read her four questions that stress-test your own inner dialoguing.)

OK, got the theory?


Your turn.

I want you to hog through your lists from the last four days and sort them into columns of real and self-imposed reasons why you are not a millionaire. That’s it. Do the work.

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