Day 23: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 23. OK yesterday you were sorting all your reasons into real and made -up. Before we move forward, any insights?

Well people on the live course say, “Most of my reasons are made-up!” What does that mean? It means the reason you aren’t a millionaire might come down to the way you think and behave. See if you think it’s not possible for you to be millionaire, why bother visualising or planning or doing desk searches?

So … today we’re going to flip the logic. Let’s give equal time to the affirmative. Today I want you to spend seven minutes writing responses to this statement:

“I am a Millionaire because …”

Now, I know I know! If you’re not a millionaire how can you answer this question? We’ll act as if …

The brain honestly does not care what’s real and what isn’t. You’ve ALREADY proven that! You can take something that is in all likelihood 100% a lie and made it so real its stopped you from becoming a millionaire.

So let’s play ‘let’s pretend.’

Every kid knows how to play let’s pretend. My brother used to share a bedroom and we used to play a game after lights out called Chris and Jimmy. It was a game of imagination. I can’t remember who was who but it was essentially a ‘let’s pretend’ game. We would ‘pretend’ we lived in a tree house and had six bikes each. We would pretend we were foiling bank robbers and burglars like William in the Just William books. Sometimes we were climbing a tree into magic lands like the Faraway Tree.

When I first got married we didn’t have much money. Often we bought fish and chips and sat on the beach and played ‘let’s pretend we have a house. What would it look like?’

Get the idea?

Please you are so practiced at pretending you have no money, now pretend you have some!

Your turn.
So answer the statement: “I am a Millionaire because …”

See what happens.

I am a millionaire because …

… I am smart.

… I am healthy.

… I have great ideas.

… I know some wealthy mates.

Get the idea?


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