Day 24: I am a millionaire

Welcome to Day 24.

Yesterday we started a new game called, “I am millionaire because …”

You know how it works. Just make it up. But make it at least believable. I saw a list that said, “I am millionaire because I am a Hollywood movie star.”

OK, if that’s true – if you are an actor in Hollywood – or you’ve just finished a course at RADA or NIDA or wherever … and you are well connected, then hey, who am I to disagree. Or your aspiration is to be a Hollywood actor. Fine.

But if that sounds like a million miles from reality for you and hey you threw it in there to pad the exercise, then ask yourself what’s going on?

So come up with ideas that at least sound plausible … to you.

The reality is millionaires have an idea that usually involves buying something, or selling something or both; or they have a lucky break i.e., win the lottery.

Your turn
You know what to do. Seven minutes.


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