What is Business Coaching really?

This year, for me, is about making better choices. Who and what I say Yes to and who and what I say NO to. I’m a business leadership coach and the core function of my business is coaching business leaders. That’s it.

So for starters, I am looking at everything around my business and what my marketingDSC01111 says and if it’s not about coaching business leaders then its going.

But someone asked me what is business coaching?

OK as I see it there are life coaches and business coaches and they are different. While I have a psychology background I’ve also started, run and built businesses so the focus for me is on working with the business leaders to develop their skills to achieve business outcomes.

Life  coaching for me comes out of the wellbeing, wellness, personal development stream of coaching and I am not a life coach.

One reason is that my clients will invariably have to interact with their staff, their teams, suppliers, customers within the commercial reality of a business context. That might mean we interact openly and directly with the people within that context and that might mean also receiving open and direct feedback. But the orientation is towards tangible business outcomes, even if they achieve personal ones.

Life coaching – for me – and look I’m open to be educated here – seems to be about personal individual development in isolation of that broader business context.

So I’m coaching with that in mind.

My clients do not pay for a warm, fuzzy, intellectual chat and a hug. And I’m not the cheapest and don’t try to be. But I am chasing a significant RIO for my client to justify the time, money and effort.

This year is getting that level of clarity about what I do and don’t do and who I want to create value for.

I’m open to your feedback.

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