Leadership coaching for professionals running established, growing businesses.

Are you …

… a successful business owner running an established company? Chances are you built your business from the ground up. While the business has grown, you are still hands-on the day-to-day running and operation of your business.

While there was a time when you could do your own work and supervise the team you have recognised that needs to change.  You may already recognise you don’t have the time or the bandwidth to supervise, manage and grow a skilled leadership team. Your number one concern is people and performance issues.

You therefore have even realised the need to now transition from being a manager boss … into a strategic leadership role. But …

… you don’t see yourself as a leader. If you are in a leadership role – it may not feel natural. It feels clunky and awkward. Especially if you are a new or accidental leader.

I am a psychology qualified business coach and I specialise in helping business owners running fast growth companies to become highly effective business leaders. I help you become the business leader you want (or need) to be … rather than the leader you might be right now … especially if that needs to improve. 

I help clients consolidate revenues, lock in profit, and grow the business … by developing their leadership skills.

Your business looks like this

My typical client runs a business with revenues £1M-7M employing between 6-50 staff. I also coach corporate clients –  CEOs, C-suiters and senior executives – typically newly promoted, accidental leaders.

Success and lifestyle

Almost always my clients want to perform more effectively in their professional role and achieve lifestyle benefits. There’s no point having an amazing top and bottom-line … and no life. Rightly so, the goal is to deliver benefits to their professional and personal lives … bigger and sooner.

Let’s chat now

As you’d expect, I have a range of professional profiling and coaching options on offer … but it all starts with a confidential chat. If that sounds like you then let’s connect by clicking right here 🙂

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