Millenials and Money: The Smashed Avacado and Egg on Rye Syndrome

Was chatting with author of Money Does Grow on Trees and one of Australia’s top IFAs, Peter Ziggy Tsiglopoulos about Millenials and money worries.

Money Chimp 3D Cover

We were talking about  Tim Gurner, a luxury property developer in Melbourne responsible for over $3.8bn in projects, and comments he made on 60 Minutes in Continue reading


Day 24: I am a millionaire

Welcome to Day 24.

Yesterday we started a new game called, “I am millionaire because …”

You know how it works. Just make it up. But make it at least believable. I saw a list that said, “I am millionaire because I am a Hollywood movie star.”

OK, if that’s true – if you are an actor in Hollywood – or you’ve just finished a course at Continue reading

Day 23: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 23. OK yesterday you were sorting all your reasons into real and made -up. Before we move forward, any insights?

Well people on the live course say, “Most of my reasons are made-up!” What does that mean? It means the reason you aren’t a millionaire might come down to the way you think and behave. See if you think it’s not possible for you to be millionaire, why bother Continue reading

Day 22: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 22. For the past few days we have been playing with the statement ‘I am not a millionaire because … ‘ and I asked you to think of all the reasons you are not a millionaire.

Then on Day 21 I asked you to sort the reasons you gathered on Days 17-20 into real and self-imposed. So what did you discover.

I’ve shared this before but I interviewed some young adults about money and some said: Continue reading

Day 21: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 21.

OK, today is easy. But it assumes you have done Days 17-20! If you haven’t can I suggest you backtrack now to those days and do the exercises otherwise today is going to be a bit confusing. Here’s a link.

OK. A bit of transformational theory. In most change scenarios – and yes we are doing a transformation change with this programme – there’s where you are now (which we call State A, or Now); and where you want to be (Which we call State B or the Target or Continue reading

Day 20: I am a Millionaire

Welcome to Day 20. (If you missed Day 19, here’s the link. I suggest you go do Day 19 because it was an important good session. For your reference, this section of the I am a Millionaire programme started on Day 17).

We are continuing the activity started on Day 17. I talk to successful business people all the time and a lot of them imagine being wealthy but are reluctant to put a figure on Continue reading

Day 19: I am a Millionaire.

Welcome to Day 19. If you missed Day 18, here’s the link.

On Day 17 we started an activity where I gave you an open ended statement and you had to finish it with something that was true for you – good, bad or ugly – relevant to that statement.

If your just visiting out of curiosity, the statement was:

I am not a millionaire because …

Set your timer for ten minutes. (Yesterday was seven minutes. Why seven or ten Continue reading