Coping with professional disappointment.

Today I spoke with a really sharp young man who applied for an amazing job. In my estimations this is a clever, affable, grounded professional who has racked up a lot of PBs in his career.

He went for the job interview, confident that he could bring world class knowledge, skills and experience to the role.

But after two weeks, he got a short, courteous, ‘We regret to inform you that …’ email. Continue reading

What is Business Coaching really?

This year, for me, is about making better choices. Who and what I say Yes to and who and what I say NO to. I’m a business leadership coach and the core function of my business is coaching business leaders. That’s it.

So for starters, I am looking at everything around my business and what my marketing Continue reading

Don’t Leave a Shameful Legacy

Late last year, early December, a client rang me and said that one of his high profile American clients – and friend – had died suddenly. He wanted advice on how to handle a ‘sensitive issue’. Continue reading

How did I put on weight?

This year the theme of my life is about Making Better Choices. I spent the last two months thinking about my life and what I want my life to look like. I realised that every result in my life is the result … of whatever came before that result … and the one before that.

I started seeing the choices of my life as the causes of the results in my life. Continue reading

One cup of coffee

Jan 5, 2018

Happy New Year. The theme of this year, for me, is Better Choices. I could say better small choices. Here’s why.

A few years back I was leadership coaching there general manager of a large resort chain. We would meet poolside – as you do – and chat. On my first meeting with my client, Paul, he texted me saying he was running late and told me to grab a coffee and he would be there shortly.

It was 9am. So I chose a table under a large shady beach umbrella and waved at the Continue reading

Millenials and Money: The Smashed Avacado and Egg on Rye Syndrome

Was chatting with author of Money Does Grow on Trees and one of Australia’s top IFAs, Peter Ziggy Tsiglopoulos about Millenials and money worries.

Money Chimp 3D Cover

We were talking about  Tim Gurner, a luxury property developer in Melbourne responsible for over $3.8bn in projects, and comments he made on 60 Minutes in Continue reading

Day 24: I am a millionaire

Welcome to Day 24.

Yesterday we started a new game called, “I am millionaire because …”

You know how it works. Just make it up. But make it at least believable. I saw a list that said, “I am millionaire because I am a Hollywood movie star.”

OK, if that’s true – if you are an actor in Hollywood – or you’ve just finished a course at Continue reading