Special Report: How to Find Your Core Ideal and Your Big Message for Your Brand

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses worldwide. When I look at their website, social media and marketing collateral  …

… MOST clients don’t have a clear core message, can’t find their voice and are wasting a LOT of time on money on branding and marketing that doesn’t work. Subsequently, their marketing is confusing, diluted and often wrong!

For example a law firm paid a small fortune to a branding agency and their website and social media strategy was all about making an IMPACT.

But, to a person the 11 partners HATED the thought that they were coming across as pushy, manipulative or scaring their potential clients.

There are five voices in branding that connect to five core human fundamental values … only ONE of them is yours.

Get this right and you will have discovered YOUR voice and the way YOU want to show up on and offline in your marketing. Get it WRONG and you show up as inauthentic, cheesy and jarring. Worse you alienate potential customers because it FEELS wrong. Fake. It feels like you’ve had a personality by-pass.

The lawyers read this report, took the quiz and to a person discovered their core value was another one of the five ideals: CONNECTION. Their REAL voice was about compassion, listening and caring.

If you spend any  money on a website or social media in your business, this is unmissable content. This report will help you find your VOICE. You’ll know what to say and how to say it.

  • For context and clarity, this report summarises some amazing research
  • Plus you get a SCORECARD along with and a separate quiz booklet so you and your team can take a test AND score it immediately to discover the core ideal of your business and your message strategy.
  • Plus you get case studies of what people did next to get some great results.
  • And you get a booklet of KEY WORDS you should start using in your website copy that will convey the ideal clearly.

Otherwise I can predict your website, social media and marketing is confusing and off-message. Worse its sending no message or the WRONG message.

The people who have read the report and completed the in-report test all say the same thing: FINALLY I KNOW what our marketing needs to say and how to say it. And it FEELS real. And it’s working.