Starting – UK #1 Entrepreneur – Kindle and Paperback2016-starting

“You might have a good idea for a business … but have you got a good business for your idea?”

If I asked to borrow £25,000 for my business, what would you ask me? The fact is you are the key investor in your business. 80% of new businesses underperform and 80% fail within the first two years. This book gives you a brilliant method for stress testing the assumptions in your business case.


The Money Chimp – UK #1 Budgeting – Kindle and PaperbackMoney Chimp 3D Cover

Most Brits spend 130% of their weekly wage. And 18-28s are the most likely to enter a cycle of chronic debt. The Money Chimp gives you the top ten money managing and budgeting skills so that you spend less, save more and get out of debt faster.

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