Here is a list of Amazon links to books by Andrew Priestley

Starting – UK #1/Kindle/ppb coming soon!
“You might have a good idea for a business … but have you got a good business for your idea?”

The fact is 80% of new businesses fail within the first two years and 80% o9f established businesses are underperforming.

This book gives you a method for stress testing your business plan and your business case.

Starting #1 Ranked book for Entrepreneur category (AmazonUK/Kindle).



The Money Chimp – UK/Australia #1 Kindle/ppb
90% of Brits have zero financial education. Most Brits spend 130% of their weekly wage. And 18-28s are the most likely to enter a cycle of chronic debt. The Money Chimp gives you ten money managing and budgeting skills that can have most people debt-free in 90 days.

The Money Chimp #1 Ranked book for Budgeting (UK Kindle and Paperback)

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Money Chimp 3D Cover

Writing Matters Publishing
Andrew is the co-founder of a POD publishing company called Writing Matters Publishing (UK). So far they have published six #1 ranked books on Amazon.
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